Taali is an upcoming Hindi web series created by Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik Nishandar for Viacom18’s streaming platform Voot. It is inspired by the life of transgender activist Gauri Sawant and stars Sushmita Sen in the lead role. Taali sheds light on Sawant’s inspiring journey and her legal battle for transgender rights. Bollyflix is leading web series review site.


Spanning 8 episodes, Taali will chronicle Gauri Sawant’s difficult childhood struggles with gender identity, her brave decision to transition to a woman, and how she became a pioneering voice for equal rights of India’s marginalized transgender community.

It will showcase Sawant adopting an orphaned girl abandoned by her parents upon birth, and fighting a lengthy legal battle to become her lawful parent, while also juggling her activism and challenges. Taali aims to bring Sawant’s uplifting life story and relentless spirit to screens.


Sushmita SenGauri Sawant
Ankur BhatiaGauri’s friend
Nandu MadhavLawyer
Krutika DeoSocial worker
Suvrat JoshiJournalist

Veteran actress Sushmita Sen takes on the meaty role of activist Gauri Sawant. Her nuanced portrayal of Sawant’s emotional and uplifting journey forms the crux.

Acclaimed actors Ankur Bhatia, Nandu Madhav, Krutika Deo and Suvrat Joshi essay key supporting roles as people who had an impact on Sawant’s life.

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Directors – Arjun Singgh Baran & Kartik Nishandar

The series has been envisioned by upcoming directors Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik Nishandar. They have conducted extensive research on Sawant’s life by meeting her and people close to her.

Their previous work has dealt with socially relevant stories depicting strong characters. Their skills in bringing such narratives to screen in a gripping yet sensitive manner will be vital for Taali.

Visual Concept and Music

Taali aims for a realistic visual aesthetic in keeping with its hard-hitting story. A muted color palette will be used to complement the serious narrative. DIgiKam Singapore has handled cinematography to bring technical finesse.

The background score by Daniel B. George is understated and stirs the emotions subtly. Soulful songs penned by Irshad Kamil have been recorded to highlight poignant moments.

Release Date

Taali is set to release on November 15, 2023 exclusively on the OTT platform Voot. All 8 episodes, each 45 minutes long, will be available together on launch enabling viewers to binge watch the series.


Sushmita Sen’s digital debut in a strong author-backed role has generated tremendous buzz. Gauri Sawant’s extraordinary life story and its relevance has augmented the anticipation for Taali.

Viewers are eager to watch Sushmita depict a transgender person’s emotional journey and landmark legal struggle. From the teasers, her look and performance have impressed fans.

Overall, the series tackles a socially relevant topic through a uplifting real-life story, which has amplified pre-release hype.

Early Reviews

At preview screenings, Taali has garnered positive first reactions for its progressive theme handled with sensitivity.

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Critic Rohan Naahar called it Sushmita’s career-best work till date. He praised the show’s treatment of complex transgender issues in an accessible, inspiring manner.

Lata Khubchandani commended Sushmita’s authentic performance as Gauri Sawant. She also appreciated the show’s attention to detail while recreating news-making events.

What Makes Taali Stand Out

  • Sushmita Sen’s award-worthy portrayal of pioneering activist Gauri Sawant
  • Unique storyline highlighting a pioneering yet overlooked real-life hero
  • Balanced mix of emotional drama and rousing legal victory
  • Shot on real locations related to Sawant’s life
  • Music and visuals complement the hard-hitting narrative

Things to Look Forward To

  • Sushmita delivering a career-defining performance
  • Insight into the lesser known life of transgender activist Gauri Sawant
  • Depiction of groundbreaking legal fight for transgender rights
  • Shooting in real locations like Sawant’s home, court etc
  • Glimpses of Gauri’s heartwarming motherhood journey

Why Taali is Special

  • First mainstream series about Indian transgender icon Gauri Sawant
  • Sushmita underwent 6 months prep to authentically portray Sawant
  • Sawant assisted creators to ensure accurate depiction of her life events
  • Entire series uses real names of people and locations
  • Shot across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi including Sawant’s house
  • Series donated to charities supporting marginalized communities

Additional Details

Taali provides an intimate look into activist Gauri Sawant’s life:

  • Early struggles with gender identity and harsh discrimination
  • Relationships – close friend who first understood Gauri’s turmoil
  • Bold decision to transition and ensuing backlash
  • Embracing motherhood through adoption and legal hurdles
  • Balancing parenting with transgender rights activism
  • Fight to change India’s laws and inclusion of third gender

The series celebrates Sawant’s indomitable spirit and journey from being ostracized to becoming an inspiration for the transgender community.

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How to Watch Taali Free

Taali is free available exclusively on Jio Cinema. Just download the Jio Cinema app or open jio Cinema official website on your preferred device or visit voot.com and subscribe to start watching all episodes.



With Sushmita Sen leading a powerful portrayal of Gauri Sawant’s life, Taali promises to be a poignant, uplifting series. It salutes Sawant’s activism while depicting relatable struggles. Here’s hoping it inspires more inclusion and equality.

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