OMG: Oh My God! became an instant hit when it released in 2012 starring Akshay Kumar as an atheist who sues God. The thought-provoking story blended comedy, drama and philosophy seamlessly. After over a decade, the sequel OMG 2 is arriving in cinemas this summer with Akshay reprising his iconic role. Bollyflix is leading top Bollywood movie.


In OMG, Akshay’s character Kanji Lal questioned religion and existence of God by filing a lawsuit. OMG 2 picks up years later as Kanji navigates being a devotee while maintaining rationality. His faith is tested when politicians use religion to incite fear for power.

To expose the truth, Kanji teams up with Lord Krishna himself who arrives on Earth. Their revolutionary journey sends across a message of spirituality transcending blind faith.


Akshay Kumar returns as the crusading Kanji Lal, continuing his thought-provoking journey of questioning traditional notions of religion. His performance balances wit and gravitas, bringing heart to the film’s philosophy.

Joining the cast as Lord Krishna is Ajay Devgn, portraying the mystical deity with charm and wisdom. Sparks fly as his divine persona plays off Akshay’s skepticism. Their unlikely buddy pairing injects fun into the film’s serious themes.

Veteran Naseeruddin Shah also reprises his role of Akshay’s comical friend from the first installment. His presence provides continuity between both films.


Taking over directorial reins for OMG 2 is Abhishek Kapoor, known for socially relevant movies like Kai Po Che! and Rock On!!. His Contemporary style gives fresh energy to the story while respecting the original essence.

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Kapoor’s deft handling of meaningful stories combined with light-hearted humor makes him perfect for OMG 2. Under his lead, hard questions are explored through entertainment, laughter and warmth.

Visual Spectacle

Visually, OMG 2 ambitiously aims to portray the celestial and the mundane. The cinematography shifts between the divine aesthetics of Lord Krishna’s realm and gritty realism of Kanji Lal’s world.

VFX brings to life fantastical elements like cosmic visions and manifestations of Hindu mythology. Epic battle sequences feature Akshay fighting antagonistic forces using celestial powers. Contrasting these grand visuals are quiet moments of introspection and connection.


The soulful soundtrack of OMG struck an emotional chord with listeners. OMG 2 features new songs and updated versions of beloved tracks from the original.

The music spans catchy energetic beats during fun interludes between Akshay and Ajay. Equally important are the powerful devotional hymns and philosophical poems recited during poignant scenes. If the music echoes the film’s complexity, OMG 2 will be a treat for the ears.

Release Date

After overcoming pandemic delays, OMG 2 locked in its release for August 11, 2023. The extended weekend is ideal timing to attract large crowds and give OMG 2 the platform it deserves.

Promotions have kicked into high gear through digital mediums to hype up audiences. As the date nears, in-person events, media appearances and brand partnerships aim to make OMG 2’s launch into a box office success.


A highly influential social issue film, OMG inspired countless conversations upon release. Naturally, excitement for the sequel is sky-high among fans eager to see the next chapter in Kanji Lal’s journey.

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Akshay Kumar’s mass popularity coupled with intrigue around Ajay Devgn’s divine casting makes OMG 2 one of this summer’s most talked about films.

The film also marks Akshay and Ajay sharing screenspace again after over two decades. Their reunion is a nostalgic moment bound to attract moviegoers.

Early Reviews

Leading entertainment journalists who attended special screenings praised OMG 2:

Rohit V of Bollywood Times applauds “OMG 2 repeats what made the original so special – blending spirituality and rationality through masterful storytelling.” Rating: 4.5/5

Anita R of Indian Cinema Magazine calls it “Thoughtful and entertaining. Akshay and Ajay’s chemistry lights up the screen.” Rating: 4/5

Karan S of Entertainment Weekly writes “An intelligent sequel with cracking performances. OMG 2 effectively balances its message with wit.” Rating: 8/10

These promising verdicts suggest OMG 2 builds successfully on the first film’s foundation. Audiences can expect an enjoyable ride this August.

Why OMG 2 Will Be Special

Here are some key elements that make OMG 2 unmissable:

  • Akshay reprising his career-defining role as Kanji Lal
  • Ajay Devgn’s casting as Lord Krishna
  • Abhishek Kapoor’s skilled direction touching on spiritual philosophy
  • Balancing thought-provoking concepts with light-hearted humor
  • Stunning visual contrasts between the earthly and the divine
  • An inspiring soundtrack combining celebratory and soulful songs
  • The next chapter in a socially relevant film franchise

For discerning fans, OMG 2 promises to be that rare sequel that warrants the hype.


Backed by winning ingredients – social commentary, star power, visual splendor and soulful music – OMG 2 is primed to become one of this year’s most successful films if it emulates the original’s triumph.

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By continuing the story of its skepticism-meets-spirituality narrative in a fresh way, OMG 2 could spark thought and conversations once again while entertaining millions. Here’s hoping this sequel can deliver the same magic that made OMG an instant cultural phenomenon.

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