Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You is an exciting Korean romantic fantasy drama directed by Kim Sang-Hyub. It stars Kim Hye-Yoon, Ro-Woon and Lee Jae-Wook in the lead roles. Based on a popular webtoon, Extraordinary You offers a unique meta fictional storyline with endearing characters, dazzling visuals and youthful romance. for more south korean movie visit bollyflix.


Extraordinary You revolves around high school student Eun Dan-oh, who suddenly becomes self-aware that she is a character in a manga titled “Secret”. She and love interest Ha-rudiscover they have no control over their actions which are determined by the manga author.

As Dan-oh struggles to change her destiny, she encounters other self-aware characters including her cruel fiancé who is the antagonist. Extraordinary You depicts Dan-oh’s journey to rewrite her fate and find true love with Haru while outpacing the author’s narrative.


Kim Hye-YoonEun Dan-oh
Lee Jae-WookBaek Kyung

Rising actress Kim Hye-Yoonplays protagonist Eun Dan-oh, conveying her confusion, courage and quirky charm delightfully. Handsome rookie Ro-Woon portrays Dan-oh’s love interest Ha-ru with boyish appeal. Popular star Lee Jae-Wook is perfect as manipulative fiancé Baek Kyung.

Director – Kim Sang-Hyub

Helmed by director Kim Sang-Hyub, Extraordinary You is his second series after the hit School 2017. His creative vision and skills in blending romance, comedy and fantasy helps bring the meta fictional premise alive. He has collaborated with writer Koo Hye-Sun to develop the fresh concept.

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Visuals and Music

Extraordinary You uses vibrant hues,whimsical sets and playful visual effects to realize the manga fantasy premise in live action. Sweet romanticmoments are elevated by the OST sung by popular K-pop stars like Baekhyun. The upbeat background score enhances the cheerful mood.

Release Details

Extraordinary You released on MBC and Netflix on October 2, 2019. It is directed by Kim Sang-Hyub and written by Koo Hye-Sun. The 32 episode series aired two 30 minute episodes every Wednesday and Thursday till December.


Extraordinary You generated buzz thanks to its novel concept of characters realizing they only exist in a comic. Fans were drawn to its fantasy romance premise with a strong female lead.

The engaging webtoon source material by Moolmang already had a following. With promising early trailers and stills heightening anticipation, the series premiered to solid ratings and positive reviews.


Review aggregator MyDramaList gave Extraordinary You an average rating of 8.1/10 based on over 22,000 user reviews. Most reviewers praised the fantasy concept, lively lead actors and chemistry between Dan-oh and Ha-ru.

The Korea Herald called it an imaginative young adult romance fused with inventive fantasy. Popular blog Dramabeans lauded the show’s whimsical tone, writing it “captivates with its strange charm.”

What Makes Extraordinary You Stand Out

  • Unique premise – Heroine realizes she is part of a comic
  • Blending school romance and meta fiction fantasy
  • Winning lead performance by Kim Hye-Yoon
  • Clever integration of comic book elements
  • Light, frothy tone with just enough emotional heft

Things to Look Forward To

  • Kim Hye-Yoon’s portrayal of spunky heroine Eun Dan-oh
  • Dan-oh and Ha-ru’s sweet, quirky romance
  • Fantasy sequences as Dan-oh enters the comics
  • Dan-oh taking on her sinister fiancé
  • Mysteries behind Dan-oh becoming self-aware
  • Fun comic book editing and visual effects
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What Makes Extraordinary You Special

  • Based on popular webtoon by Moolmang with huge following
  • Director Kim Sang-Hyub added original elements to elevate source
  • Show uses vibrant color grading and dynamic camerawork
  • Entire cast rehearsed together for a month before shooting
  • Comic book speech bubbles and panels integrated seamlessly
  • Scenes woven together with narration by Dan-oh’s voice

Additional Details

Extraordinary You explores themes of fate and free will through Dan-oh’s journey:

  • Evolving romance between Dan-oh and Ha-ru as they defy their storylines
  • Dan-oh discovering more characters aware of being in a comic
  • Exciting face-offs with her nasty fiancé who starts becoming self-aware
  • Suspense behind the mysterious extra character in the comic world
  • Emotional moments as Dan-oh loses her memories periodically
  • Final climactic twist to conclude Dan-oh’s quest for freedom

How to Watch Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You is available with English subtitles on Netflix. The complete series was added on Netflix globally on December 2019. You can also buy or rent it on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Rakuten Viki and YouTube.

Extraordinary You Watch and download free


With its fresh fantasy premise, charming leads and K-drama romance, Extraordinary You promises to be an imaginative joyride for fans of youth dramas. Early buzz indicates the show has the potential to become a cult favorite.

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